It’s been really good to see so much tennis being played even in some less-than-kind weather, not least at many of our thriving Club Afternoons (Tuesdays and Sundays, both at 1.30), and especially to see people enjoying our new court so much.  Do feel free to bring Christmas guests to play with you at the Club, but please remember that (extremely modest!) guest fees are due: the simple details are in a note on our website’s Membership page:

LIGHTING  If you’re wondering what’s happening with our application for Court Lighting,, all is in hand and progressing, but the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly.  The ecological surveys and reporting have been very time-consuming, but they’ve been entirely positive and have been duly submitted.  We just have to be patient in waiting on the aforementioned wheels.  We’d hoped for a decision in the early autumn.  The New Year would be nice.  We’ll let you know as soon as there’s news.

COACHING  Booking is now open for the new term of group coaching at the Club, for both juniors and adults.  Developing skills is a good resolution for the New Year – and not a bad idea for a Christmas present!  For all the details, just click on and/or

BEING A TIME FOR GIVING, and in a country of increasing poverty and ever-more-needed food banks, the Club is collecting donations to support a charity called The Gatehouse which provides 60 meals a night to homeless people in Oxford.  It doesn’t involve giving money but asks for donations of food and other items.  If you’d like to contribute, the next time you’re playing please bring items on this list – leave them in the box you’ll find either in the kitchen or in the main hall.  Very many thanks.

HOME MATCHES THIS MONTH  [each match 2 courts]:

SATURDAY 2nd, 10 am:  Men’s E v North Oxford
1 pm:  Men’s A v Henley; Ladies D v Blewbury

SUNDAY 3rd, 10 am:  Men’s B v Oxford Sports

SATURDAY 9th, 1 pm:  Men’s E v Watlington

THURSDAY 14th, 10 am:  Ladies Midweek v Blewbury