It’s good to be back! The new Summer Season is beginning.  Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, under LTA guidelines outdoor tennis can resume and the courts at Woodstock have now reopened.  Doubles can be played as well as singles.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL   As you know, the ‘Membership Year’ runs from 1 April to 31 March, so the time for renewal has come and we’re receiving renewals now.  For all the details, click HERE.



We’re delighted to say that Club Sessions are now resuming.  These are:

TUESDAYS, 5.30 ONWARDS:  Club Night – everyone welcome [first session Tuesday 6 April]

THURSDAYS, 5.30 ONWARDS:  Team Practice Night for everyone interested in playing team tennis [first session Thursday 8 April]

SUNDAYS, 1.30 – 3.30: Club Afternoon – everyone welcome [first session Sunday 11 April]



Our excellent coaches are running a Tennis Camp for juniors in the Easter holiday, Monday 12 to Friday 16 April, mornings.  For all the details, click HERE.  Please note that

Monday 12th – Friday 16th, from 9 till 11, two courts will always still be available for general play, and from 11 till 1.15 there will be one court free.



For the opening weeks of the season our coaches will be completing the sessions interrupted by lockdown.  The new 7-week Summer Coaching Programme (for both adults and juniors) will then start in the week beginning May 24th.  For all the details of days, times and how to book, click HERE (for juniors) and HERE (for adults).

Our coaches are available also for one-to-one tennis coaching for both adult and junior members.  To book an individual coaching session, please contact our coaches direct:

Chris Hampton  07870 169215             Tom Francis       07747 026377

Rachel Tucker    07779 482004             Dave Rooney     07963 506917



TUESDAY 6 APRIL, 5.30 onward:  First Club Night

THURSDAY 8 APRIL, 5.30 onward:  First Team Practice Night

SUNDAY 11 APRIL, 1.30-3.30:  First Club Afternoon

MONDAY 12 to FRIDAY 16 APRIL, 9.00 till 1.15: Junior Easter Camp [2 COURTS FREE 9-11, 1 COURT FREE 11-1.15]

WEEK BEGINNING 19 APRIL:  Summer Coaching starts



Great though it is to be able to play again, Covid-19 has of course not gone away.  We must be aware and responsible in returning to the courts.  Please read and observe the following carefully:

1.    Social distancing must be strictly maintained.  Keep your distance at all times. Change ends by passing at opposite ends of the net.

2.  In the event that all four courts are in play and someone is waiting for a court, please be fair and courteous and observe the simple club rule: whoever has been playing longest will play for a maximum of 20 minutes before “rotating”.  While waiting to play, stay outside the courts.

3.  As part of maintaining social distancing, allow each other plenty of space when entering or leaving the courts.  In particular, please do not sit on the low bowling-green wall outside the tennis court gate; please sit in the area with the benches outside the clubhouse.

4.  Except for the toilets, the clubhouse is strictly out of bounds.  Do not use the clubhouse.  Please ensure that the door is locked each time you exit: the public must not have access to our toilets.

5.  Do not leave anything on the court when you finish playing.



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