THIS YEAR’S TENNIS AGM is coming up this Thursday (2nd November), 7.30 in the clubhouse.  Even if you don’t usually come to meetings, do come and join us this time!  There’s a lot of news and interesting things in the pipeline at the moment, so the more of us that join in, the better it’ll be.  See you there.

with the weather, and work on the building of our new single court has gone well to schedule. THE COURT IS NOW OPEN FOR PLAY.  It’s been a big job!  If you’ve missed the process and are interested in what’s been involved, there are pictures posted in the News Item headed “New Court”.

A REMINDER that if you’re ever in doubt about court availability, our schedule is very simple: check out the details on our website page  

BUT PLEASE NOTE that we have an unusually packed weekend of home matches this coming Saturday and Sunday (if the weather allows!), with two matches on Sunday morning as well as Saturday afternoon.  Also, very unusually, we have two Midweek League matches next Wednesday (8th).  We always schedule matches to keep courts free for general play at the weekends as much as possible, and especially avoid ever having more than one match on a Sunday morning (or more than one on a Wednesday morning).  But the coming couple of weeks are packed with fixtures and it has been unavoidable.  Many apologies for this: it will hopefully never happen again!

HOME MATCHES THIS MONTH  [each match 2 courts]:

WEDNESDAY 1st, 10 am:  Men’s Midweek v OHRC
SATURDAY 4th, 10 am:  Men’s E v Watlington
                           1 pm:  Men’s A v Thame; Ladies D v Abingdon
SUNDAY 5th, 10 am:  Men’s B v Abingdon; Men’s D v Colston
WEDNESDAY 8th, 10 am: Ladies Midweek v Blewbury;
                                        Men’s Midweek v Hanney
SATURDAY 11th, 1 pm:  Ladies A v Wantage; Ladies C v Abingdon
SUNDAY 12th, 10 am:  Ladies D v Brackley
SATURDAY 18th, 1 pm:  Ladies B v Kings Sutton
WEDNESDAY 22nd, 10 am:  Ladies Midweek v OHRC
SATURDAY 25th, 1pm:  Ladies A v Banbury; Men’s C v Long Crendon
SUNDAY 26th, 10 am:  Men’s D v Witney