Adult Tennis Coaching

Coaching Programme: Adult

Date added - 29 November

PUT YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS INTO PRACTICE!  AND GET A HEAD-START FOR THE NEW SUMMER SEASON!  WE HAVE A FULL COACHING PROGRAMME FOR ADULTS as well as juniors.  There are great sessions designed for every level of experience from beginner to regular team player.  A new 10-week term begins on 8 January.  For full details of what's on offer, the days and times and how to book, CLICK HERE.

Note that you can if you wish make up a personalised group session of 4 or more players.



… If you’re keen to book one-to-one sessions with our coaches, please contact them to arrange a time: 

Chris Hampton: 07870 169215   Tom Francis: 07747 026377   Lorrayne Gracie: 07715 303335  

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