Adult Tennis Coaching

Coaching Programme: Adult

Date added - April 2018

THE NEW SUMMER SEASON'S IN FULL SWING, AND SO IS OUR COACHING PROGRAMME!  TO GET FULLY PREPARED AND TO IMPROVE YOUR GAME, WE HAVE A FULL COACHING PROGRAMME FOR ADULTS as well as juniors.  There are great sessions designed for every level of experience from beginner to regular team player.   You can join the Summer programme at any time.  You can also arrange one-to-one sessions with our coaches (see below).  For full details of what's on offer, the days and times and how to book, CLICK HERE.

Note that you can if you wish make up a personalised group session of 4 or more players.



… If you’re keen to book one-to-one sessions with our coaches, please contact them to arrange a time: 

Chris Hampton: 07870 169215   Tom Francis: 07747 026377   


All coaching at Woodstock Tennis Academy is for Woodstock Tennis Club members only, but non-members are welcome to have one free trial session before joining.

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